These are the best photographs I made during a two week visit to England. I love street photography but no longer live in a city that affords the subject. On the occasions that I travel, the street shooter in me re-emerges.

I travelled with my mother, Kay. I organized the trip to celebrate her 80th birthday. She has travelled extensively in Europe but had never been to England. In my opinion this was highly problematic since she is a huge fan of theatre and of Shakespeare. I convinced her to go and we had a great time.

For the first week, we stayed in London and designed our own itinerary. Then we joined a bus tour that took us around southern England. The tour included some of England's greatest sights: Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral, the Roman baths at Bath; however, the reason we took the tour was because it visited... Stratford-upon-Avon. I booked theatre tickets at the RSC there, and at the Globe in London, before booking the tour itself!

The trip was a success. We saw some of the best Shakespeare of our lives and visited many places related to the Bard. England was particularly flush with Shakespeare attractions because 2016 was the 400th anniversary of his death. Click on the 'Shakespeare (47)' link above to see those we bumped into. Or click on 'theatres (36)' for 36 pics of theatres and theatre-related things. Or click 'all' for a complete timeline of the trip.

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The trip was also a photographic success. Assembling this album of the trip, I was surprised to find so many solid photographs. They were all taken with a Canon PowerShot S95 digital camera at a 28mm-e focal length. Some of the shots have been cropped to improve their composition. All have been digitally developed for contrast and sharpness but none have been edited with the clone tool (except for spotting and minor tonality corrections). Contrast corrections were often necessary because many of these shots were taken through the window of our bus!


England, May 17-29, 2016
photos by Jeff Hohner
the following photo essay and photographs are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License
The Tate Modern, London The British Museum, London Mayfair, London London Twickenham, London Covent Garden, London Trafalgar Square, London Bath The Globe Theatre, London British Museum Trafalgar Square London: Sherlock Holmes stands outside the Baker Street tube station. Salisbury Cathedral British Library, London Brighton Hampton Court Palace, near Twickenham Southbank, London Broadway, Worcestershire in the Cotwolds Tate Modern Willersey, Gloucestershire — next door to Broadway. YVR, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: May 16. London