Choosing the best of your work is tough, and not just because it's hard to be objective about your own stuff. Photographs are slippery things. Some appeal one day but not the next. There are mysterious rhythms in composition that sometimes bear fruit slowly, only after repeated viewings. Sometimes it's difficult to put your finger on why a picture works, but you keep coming back to it anyway. Most of these photos have bubbled up through my portfolio over time and continue to engage and surprise my eye.

These photographs were all taken in Vancouver, BC between April 2009 and September 2010 by Jeff Hohner. They are © the photographer.

Counting from left to right, top to bottom, they were taken with the following cameras, films:
  1) Canon SD1000;  2) Olympus OM-2, Fujifilm Superia 400;  3) Oly 35 SP, Kodak BW400CN

  4) Oly Pen EE, Ilford XP2
  5) OM-2, BW400CN;  6) SD1000;  7) Oly 35 RC, XP2; 8) Pen FT, XP2
  9) Pen EED, BW400CN;  10) Pen EE, XP2;  11) OM-2, BW400CN;  12) SD1000
13) Pen EE, XP2;  14 & 15) OM-2, BW400CN; 16) Pen FT, XP2

Jeff's Top 10 (or 16) of 2010 (and '09)