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First Six Months of 2002
a.k.a. A Digital Camera
is a Dangerous Thing

(160 thumbnails & photos)


Cat and House
virtual iPhoto book

(22 pages, 53 photos)

Snowy Boughs
in the front yard after a fresh snowfall

(6 photos)

Urban Flora

(17 pages, 47 photos)

walking to and from work

(10 photos)

Orange Peel
hard hitting photojournalism

(5 photos)

travel diary

(42 thumbnails & photos)

10 Big Pics
10th Anniversary Edition
same great pics! simplified interface!
(20 pages, 38 photos)


Autumn in Vancouver

(9 photos)

A Quick

(6 photos)

        Tiny Things (19)        

10 Set
best street shots of 2010

(16 photos)

Fresh Cull
winnowing 6 months of shots
down to 3 submissions for an exhibition

(54 thumbnails & photos)

A Day at the Fair
another virtual book

(24 pages, 28 photos)

Hits & Misses
Vancouver street photography

(36 pages, 71 photos)

Yaletown Grand Prix
panning shots!

(9 B&W and
13 colour photos)

concert photos

(12 photos)

street photography

(100 thumbnails & photos)

2011 Stanley Cup Riot
street photography / essay

(172 photos with captions)

        Glade (22 pgs, 55 pics)   Frost (11 photos)        

Trattoria Piccola
di Fotographia

street photography / travel diary

(many photos)

A New Roof
construction diary

(22 pages, 71 photos)

        Beans & Brisco (pics)        

The Great Shakespeare Tour
London & Southern England

street photography / travel

(224+ photos)

Vancouver Select
proto-Instagramish photoblog-y retrospective

(450 photos)

Spring Burn
work diary

(51 pics)


I can't get into photoblogs. I enjoy many, but can't seem to create my own. I prefer to group my photos into short photo essays. I guess this is what Flickr is for, but many of these sets predate Flickr. I got in the habit of making them myself, and the habit persists.


Brief examples of earlier work:
   A Quick Collection 
   Tiny Things - "macro"

For some of my best work see:
   10 Set - street photography  (16 photos)
   Best of England - street photography  (23 photos)
   Dolce Italia - street photography  (18 photos)
   and this one from NYC - street photography


All photos taken before April 2008 were taken with a Canon PowerShot S110 (2MP) digital camera. After that date, with a PowerShot SD1000, except where noted. In 2008 I started shooting film again using a variety of cameras (OM-2, Pen EE, Pen EED). In 2012, I replaced the SD1000 with a Canon S95. One day I'll scan the best of my slides and negs and my OM-1 will feel loved again.

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