First Six Months of 2002
a.k.a. A Digital Camera
is a Dangerous Thing

(160 thumbnails & photos)


Cat and House
virtual iPhoto book

(22 pages, 53 photos)

I can't get into photoblogs. I enjoy many, but can't seem to create my own. I prefer to group my photos into short photo essays. I guess this is what Flickr is for, but many of these sets predate Flickr. I got in the habit of making them myself, and the habit persists.

Check out the bottom of this page for my most recent work.

For some of my best work see:
   10 Set - street photography

Brief examples of earlier work:
   A Quick Collection 
   Tiny Things - "macro"

More favourite galleries:
   10 Big Pics 
   First Six Months of 2002 - proto-instagram
   Orange Peel
   A Day at the Fair - street photography
   NYC - street photograpy

All photos taken before April 2008 were taken with a Canon PowerShot S110 (2MP) digital camera. After that date, with a PowerShot SD1000, except where noted. In 2008 I started shooting film again using a variety of cameras (OM-2, Pen EE, Pen EED). One day I'll scan the best of my slides and negs and my OM-1 will feel loved again.

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Snowy Boughs
in the front yard after a fresh snowfall

(6 photos)

Urban Flora

(17 pages, 47 photos)

walking to and from work

(10 photos)

Orange Peel
hard hitting photojournalism

(5 photos)

travel diary

(42 thumbnails & photos)

10 Big Pics
10th Anniversary Edition
same great pics! simplified interface!
(20 pages, 38 photos)


Autumn in Vancouver

(9 photos)

A Quick

(6 photos)

        Tiny Things (19)        

10 Set
best street shots of 2010

(16 photos)

Fresh Cull
winnowing 6 months of shots
down to 3 submissions for an exhibition

(54 thumbnails & photos)

A Day at the Fair
another virtual book

(24 pages, 28 photos)

Hits & Misses
Vancouver street photography

(36 pages, 71 photos)

Yaletown Grand Prix
panning shots!

(9 B&W and
13 colour photos)

concert photos

(12 photos)

street photography

(100 thumbnails & photos)